How to Have a Perfect and Peaceful Morning Before the Aisle

Hello beautiful bride to be! After having worked with over 1,000 brides and bridal parties over the past decade our team has collective valuable insight and advice on how to have a peaceful, stress free and serine morning before you walk down the aisle.

Our team’s secret goal is always to create a fun and orderly “getting ready” morning for our brides and bridal parties. Trust us in these insights and we can guarantee your morning mood, overall timeline, and enjoyment of the day will be at its fullest!

  • Brides have your vows written BEFORE your wedding day! We see so many brides scrambling to write vows tucked away in a corner (sometimes for hours!) stressing trying to convey their emotions amidst the hustle and bustle of the bridal parties musical jams and constantly being interrupted.

  • Designate a bridal party member to answer your phone calls & texts and to deflect a constant barrage of unexpected and unnecessary questions & coordination! We see SO many Brides become so upset and stressed because “Cousin/ Aunt / Bridesmaids Boyfriend” cant find the location or time of the wedding ect. Have a bridal party member upto date on your timeline and the run of show so you can relax. Respondent fatigue is real and should be avoided.

  • Consolidate your details for your photographer and have them ready for when they arrive so that you and your bridal party are not scrambling and stressed. Details are usually: *Wedding invitation *Engagement & wedding ring *Shoes *Family heirloom/ special memorable piece *Perfume (that you are wearing on wedding day) *Veil *Garter *Wedding Dress

  • Have someone outside of the bridal party setting up your reception or venue. It is HIGHLY recommended to hire a day of coordinator or wedding stylist to do this for you and your family to free you up from all stress to enjoy your day. These services are usually pretty affordable. If you choose to not hire a pro to do this, enlist the help of others outside of the bridal party. (Pro Tip: You don't want your bridal party coming back sweaty and disheveled after they have had hair and makeup done)

  • Transportation: Have your transportation plan ready before the morning of your wedding. How is the bridal party getting to the venue? What cars will they be taking? We have seen so many bridal parties thrown into chaos and arrive late to the venue over logistics. Have a bridal party member up to date with the transportation plan to convey to everyone.

  • Food, Snacks & Drinks: Don't forget you all need to eat and stay hydrated! Usually choosing light, finger snacking foods are best & less messy. Ready made fruit, cheese and proteins are a great option. (We have seen some horrors involving pizza sauce and marinara so beware!) Have a coffee captain and/or champagne popper in charge of drinks. Don't forget to drink water <3

  • Pack up the room before the final hour. If you have to check out of a hotel room or tidy up before the photographer arrives, designate and have a plan to do so an hour or two before you all need to leave. Pre pack the cars & call the hotel front desk for a bell cart ahead of time if needed.

  • Children : We all love the cute kiddos but it is usually best if the babes arrive towards the end of the getting ready time to avoid any oopsies and messes. (Kids, hot curling irons, cords, drinks & dresses is a recipe of disaster and constant supervision. We have seen it go down, trust and believe.)

  • Steam dress & cut off tags early! Its usually best to do this within the first couple hours of your getting ready window. Steam can cause hair to frizz & curls to drop so we advise doing this before sitting for hair and makeup services. Cut off the tags on everyone's dresses and veil before they are putting them on. (Bring scissors)

  • Hair & Makeup Etiquette: Its usually best for both client and makeup artist if the client is not talking (to much) or being overly animated during services. Same goes for hairstyling (talking with your hands can be dangerous). During makeup services avoid excessive phone usage as it will delay and pro long the service. Have hair and makeup photos & ideas ready to show your artists. Remember to be realistic with expectations and bring hair donuts for fullness for updos and hair extensions if desired as they can elevate any look. Avoid taking a shower, swimming, and riding on motorcycles after your hair and makeup services (Yes we have seen it all and it actually happens!)

* Payment: Have payment for vendors ready in advance (Envelopes labeled for each vendor). If your bridal party chooses to pay for hair and makeup services individually it can speed up the process if the bride collects cash or venmo/ect from the bridal party in advance and presents one transaction. Its usually best if our team collects payment an hour before photography arrives/ end time.

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