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Special Event Advice From Our Professionals 



Whatever you do, DO NOT use a curling iron or straightener after your shampoo the day before your event (hair dryer only).  It removes all of the moisture from the hair which is needed for hair to hold our hair design.  Once it's been removed it is more difficult for the hair to hold the curls that we will be doing.


Hair should be day old dirty (washed the night before) and 100% COMPLETELY DRY. Use of minimal product is strongly encouraged. Avoid applying oil, heavy serums, or hard hairsprays that will prevent the hair from holding curl or style.





Wax brows a few days before event.  Any sooner and the waxed area will not take foundation the same as the rest of your face.  (Plucking / brow razor is fine at any time)

Show up with a clean makeup-free face (no mascara leftovers).Moisturizing is always important, but be sure to moisturize the night before and morning of, so that your face is fresh and glowing.  Also, drink plenty of water the entire week leading up to the event. Avoid SPF (causes camera flash-back)

Be sure to use a good moisturizing lip balm the morning and night for the week leading up to event so that lips are plump and moist and not dry and peely.

Exfoliate the night before or morning of with an exfoliating scrub or rotating brush to take away any dullness left behind and allow for moisturizer to really take hold. (Don't forget to include lips!) Makeup wont look best if there is a build up of dead skin cells. Exfoliation should be done regularly every 3-4 days  detailed above and use of a chemical exfoliator daily for most optimal results. 


Natural Curly Hair: If a client has very tight curls and they want their hair to be designed with a different curl pattern than their natural hair (For example “soft curls”), please come with it blown out/straightened or the curl pattern almost 100% loosened. This applies for both updo’s and down styles.

Arrival Time: Laura Reynolds Artistry requires all members receiving Hair or Makeup services be present at the contracted getting ready time.

* Please have a clean, cleared space for our stylists to set up. Tables/Desks near an outlet works best.

* Robes, button down shirts or a shirt with a wide neckline helps preserve hair and makeup when changing.

* Steaming dresses? Be sure to finish before any hair or makeup service as the steam and water will cause hair to frizz and curls to drop.

* Popping bottles? Warn the room before opening a bottle of champagne so our hair and makeup artists can pause and not be startled while working on a client.

* Bring a corresponding color hair donut for any upstyle to easily add volume and reduce weight in the hair. 

* It is always best to have a blot powder, lipstick, and gloss handy to touch up later in the event.

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