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  • How can I contact Laura Reynolds Artistry?
    You can fill our our contact form on our website for pricing and availability! If you need to reach us with specific questions: Email: Call or Text 407-962-5114 Email communication is our primary mode of communication. We service 200+ clients a year, and in order to serve you best, it is important that we have record of all correspondence with each client. Although email is our preferred method of communication, you are always welcome to call & text our office line with any important questions you may have. Simply email us at, and request a 10-minute Complimentary Phone Consultation.
  • How do I receive pricing and availability?
    Simply fill out our CONTACT form here on our website! Please use the "Wedding Contact form" if it is for a wedding. NOTICE: If you have not heard back from us within 2 business days, you may want to check your spam folder. The client portal we use is HONEYBOOK.
  • Does Laura Reynolds Artistry travel to my location?
    Yes Laura Reynolds Artistry travels to your location for all event services. We travel to you on your special day near or far! Our artist(s) come prepared and ready to make your getting ready prep day easy, enjoyable, and beautiful. Our team comes with full hair and makeup kits, packed and curated to service every skin tone, type & hair texture. We bring our own makeup chairs & lighting, lashes, and good vibes!
  • When should I book?
    We open dates for booking 18 months in advance. Most clients book about 9-12 months before their event. Our busiest days are Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays in Jan-May & Sept-Dec. If you are interested in a Friday or Saturday during a busy month, contact us as soon as possible to start the booking process. We are happy to accommodate last minute bookings whenever we can squeeze them in. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to fit you into our schedule!
  • Can Laura Reynolds Artistry accommodate large events/bridal parties?
    Yes, absolutely! Our team can accommodate large event/bridal parties of any size. We have a diverse team of amazingly talented, fulltime artists. We carefully select all team member artists to ensure that they produce the same exceptional quality of work and style. Read more about our team on our "Meet the Team" page!
  • What are your office hours? When will I hear back?
    Our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8 am to 8 pm EST. We reserve Friday, Saturday, and Sundays primarily for wedding days and on-location appointments. Our response time is typically within 48 hours, or within (2) business days. We do our best to get back to you as fast as possible. NOTICE: If you have not heard back from us within 2 business days, you may want to check your spam folder. The client portal we use is HONEYBOOK.
  • HONEYBOOK our client portal
    LRA uses HONEYBOOK as our client portal and is a great tool for brides to stay organized and on top of their wedding planning and communication. With HONEYBOOK, you can manage and track all of our email communications, send photos of your hair and makeup inspiration, view and access your hair and makeup contract, and schedule your bridal preview hair and makeup trial and more. NOTICE: If you have not heard back from us within 2 business days, you may want to check your spam folder.
  • How do I book and reserve my date?
    Let us know you wish to reserve your date! We have a 3 step process. 1. We email you a link with a retainer invoice - $100 non-refundable retainer 2. We send a mini questionnaire for your contract 3. We send you your contract based on your details We book on a first come, first reserve basis and can not guarantee your date or confirm your artist without a retainer and signed contract.
  • Do you offer your salon for event/ bridal parties to get ready at?
    No, unfortunately we can not offer our salon space for event/ bridal parties. We can only accommodate one client at a time in our salon for bridal trials, and single appointments. LRA is a fully mobile hair and makeup team and we bring the salon to you! Our artists come equipped with lighting, tall makeup chairs, and fully stocked professional hair and makeup kits.
  • Is a deposit/retainer required?
    Yes, Laura Reynolds Artistry receives many inquiries throughout the year and dates fill up quickly, therefore we require a $100 non-refundable retainer and signed contract to secure your event date. We can not save an event date without a retainer and signed contract. We book on a first come, first reserve basis and can not guarantee your date or confirm your artist without a retainer and signed contract.
  • Do you require service minimums?
    We do require a 6 service minimum for booking PEAK SEASON dates on the weekends during our top months of the year during prime times (8:00am-3:00 PM). (Please inquire if your date qualifies for peak season or off season) Mon-Thurs we do NOT have a minimum Early AM events before 8am we do NOT have a service minimum. Hair & Makeup counts as 2 services. If you have 3 adults (Bride included) receiving both hair and makeup that would equal 6 services. You can mix and match the hair and makeup services however works best for you and your event party. (For example 5 hair 1 makeup, 6 makeup, 4 makeup 2 hair, ect.) Bridal preview hair & makeup trials are NOT added onto event contracts. They are a separate optional appointment. We are always open to Client/ Bride Only services and last miniute bookings if we can fit you in so please dont hesitate to reach out and ask us about your exact special date.
  • Do you offer early morning services?
    Yes! We are available for events and bookings 24 hours a day. We are often up and working before the sun. Early AM rates are listed on our pricing and service menu. Fill out our contact form to receive pricing and availability.
  • What does the Brides service price include? What does it entail?
    Bridal Hair & Makeup pricing breakdowns include: - Bridal Hair service (usually takes twice as long or more than any other client service 60+ min.) - Bridal Makeup Service (60+ min time) Airbrush or Traditional - Admin - communications for the year(s)/ months leading up to event with bride, family members, and wedding planner if applicable. - Accessory placement and consultation - Veil placement and consultation (we even teach bridal party members how to install veil if we end before the veil is needed) - Complimentary Eye Lashes / Faux Lashes (individuals or strip) - Hair & Makeup touch up kit for bride to keep for the day - Touch ups before leaving - Photography posing & team work with photographer if photographer requests
  • What form of payment does Laura Reynolds Artistry accept?
    Cash, and all major Credit and Debit cards. (3% electronic service fee added to all electronic charges.)
  • Can my party pay separately?
    Yes! We can collect payment in one transaction or individually. For larger groups it can speed up the process and reduce time & stress if the party consolidates the payment in advance. Whatever works best for you and your party works for us! We accept cash and credit card only (CC +3% electronic service fee added to charges) ​
  • Is Gratuity Included?
    Gratuity is not included. Customary gratuity for excellent service is 15-25%.
  • How many artists will be scheduled for my event?
    Laura Reynolds Artistry schedules based on the number of services requested and the time constraints. We typically schedule one Master Artist for up to 6-8 services. (Hair & Makeup counts as 2 services) This can range from one Artist to up to 10 Artists depending on the needs of the appointment. Example: If you have 6 adults receiving both hair and makeup, that would equal 12 services and we would schedule 2 master artists. We schedule our team automatically based on the number of services that you request and book.
  • Can I adjust and change services and timeline after I have my signed contract?
    Yes! You can add or deduct services up to 30 days to your event date (additions can be accommodated at any time). If your timeline needs to be moved up or back based on your photography or venue schedule we can always adjust it to your needs. We set your hair and makeup start time based on your contracted services and end time.
  • How long does a hair or makeup service take?
    Each event/ bridal party hair or makeup service takes approximately 30-40 minutes depending on complexity of style. We take more time on the bride, so the bride’s hair and makeup services take 60 minutes each. The bridal party is styled first and the bride is done three quarters of the way to almost last. The last 20 min of the getting ready timeline is reserved for touch ups. At that time will apply lips, touch up powder and make sure everyone is happy with services. All of our products are long lasting, waterproof & humidity resistant. It does not matter who sits first for hair and makeup becasue we touch up everyone before we go.
  • Should I have clean or dirty hair?
    We recommend that you wash, condition and blow dry your hair the night before the wedding/event. Some people have heard that dirty hair is best for styling. While it is true that freshly washed hair can sometimes lack enough texture to hold curls well, we bring texturizing products with us to give us the grip and hold we may need. Also, if your hair has not been washed in a couple days, the oil build up actually makes it more difficult to get a curl to hold. A blow out is a separate service, and requires extra time and an extra cost. To add-on a blow-out is an extra $55. Please make sure your entire event party arrives with dry hair unless they have pre signed-up/paid for a blow-out. If you have selected a blowout, you should wash and condition your hair right before your appointment, brush it out and wrap it in a towel. It should still be damp when your artist arrives.
  • When does the Bride receive services?
    Usually about 2.5-3 hours before the end time. We goal to have the bride completed or just about done when photography walks through the door! For the classic and epic "getting ready shots" with the photographer, its best if the bride is finished and they are staged. (Real hair and makeup getting ready process can look silly until the end).
  • Does Hair or Makeup go first?
    It doesn't matter to us! Some artists have preferences but it does not affect the flawless outcome.
  • Do you create a hair and makeup schedule?
    We don't! And we typically don't recommend it for event/ bridal parties based on our experience. We recommend having the majority of the party arrive at the start time or staggered in based on the number of artists and your unique timeline. The issues we have faced with specific time slot schedules are that party members may arrive late and it can delay your hair and makeup end time causing you and your party to run late. Children / Flower Girls are recommended to arrive later in the timeline with services going close to last. Our team DOES have a specific hair and makeup schedule assignment of who/ which services they will be working on throughout the timeline, which is for internal purposes only and not shared/ sent to the client. Our artists come prepared with this schedule to help with keeping them on track, however, we ask everyone listed on the service contract to be ready and prepared for us, upon our arrival. This helps to ensure that the day runs as smoothly and as “stress free” as possible.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for a hair and makeup service?
    Clients are encouraged to have inspo photos or an idea of the look and direction you want to go with hair and makeup. We are always happy to make professional suggestions as well if you dont have an exact look in mind. Makeup: -Have clean skin (clensed & exfoliated) -Fully remove all previous makeup residue -Light moisturizer -Brows manicured (brow razors/ plucking on day of is okay. Waxing should be done a week before) -Avoid SPFs & heavy serums with active ingredients (this can cause camera flashback and prevent makeup from lasting all day in the Florida weather) -Your makeup artist will provide you with approved moisturizer and skin prep if needed. Hair: -Have CLEAN/24hr hair & 100% COMPLETELY DRY -Have hair brushed and knots combed out. -Bring hair donut if you desire added volume with less tension on the scalp -Use of minimal product is strongly encouraged. Avoid applying oil, heavy serums, or hard hairsprays that will prevent the hair from holding curl or style. -Curly Hair- See FAQ for curly hair directions - Hair Extensions: Wash, dry and brush (brush starting from the bottom to the top gently) your hair extensions before any scheduled appointment. This will ensure curl and style will hold all day and night. Blow Dry: -If you have selected a blowout, you should wash and condition your hair right before your appointment, brush it out and wrap it in a towel. It should still be damp when your artist arrives. -A blow out is a separate service, and requires extra time and an extra cost. To add-on a blow-out is an extra $45. Please make sure your entire bridal party arrives with dry hair unless they have pre signed-up/paid for a blow-out. We can not always accomodate unexpected blow outs without advance notice.
  • Hair and Makeup Etiquette
    Its usually best for both client and makeup artist if the client is not talking (to much) or being overly animated during services. Same goes for hairstyling (talking with your hands can be dangerous). During makeup services avoid excessive phone usage as it will delay and pro long the service. Have hair and makeup photos & ideas ready to show your artists. Remember to be realistic with expectations and bring hair donuts for fullness for updos and hair extensions if desired as they can elevate any look. Avoid taking a shower, swimming, exercising, running around, and riding on motorcycles after your hair and makeup services (Yes we have seen it all and it actually happens!)
  • Eyelashes? Will my makeup artist have faux eyelashes/styles for me and my party?
    YES! Our team comes prepared with our makeup kits fully stocked with enough faux lashes for multiple people. We carry different styles, and lengths ranging from natural to dramatic. Your artist will suggest the lashes that would flatter your makeup look and eye shape the best and we are always open to requests. We carry BOTH strip faux lashes and individual faux lashes. You do NOT have to let us know that you wish to add lashes to your makeup service in advance. We will always be happy to add them on the day of your event. Lashes are for one day use and should be removed before going to sleep. See our FAQ for how to remove lashes. (Its simple and easy, we promise :D )
  • How long can I keep my faux lashes on and how do I remove them?
    We recommend removing your lashes before you go to sleep. The faux lashes we use are meant to only be worn for one day. The glues we use are gentle and will not damage your lashes if removed properly. If you have a latex allergy, please let us know in advance so that we can bring a non-latex glue with us. The glue is softened when soaked in water. To remove, close your eyes and hold a warm, wet, soapy, washcloth on your eyes for a couple minutes. Then rub gently in a downward motion and the lashes will slide right off. Peel off gently like a sticker. Do not pull off your faux lashes while dry. You can also use micelar water, and makeup remover to soften the glue.
  • Do I need to bring my own hair or makeup products?
    You do NOT need to bring anything! Our team of artists are full time beauty professionals with fully stocked hair and makeup kits. Unless you have a super specific item/ product that you wish to use, you dont need to bring anything. Note: If we use a clients desired product and not our own, we can not gurantee the wear time or outcome if we are not familiar with it. The products in our kits are chosen and currated to preform best under all circumstances on film, photography, face to face, & to withstand the challenging weather of Florida.
  • What kind of makeup looks do you specialize in?
    Our team is known for our iconic "Natural Glam" look. We like to call it red carpet beauty. Perfected flawless skin, and enhanced eyes and lips. We can achieve ANY desired look or outcome ranging from full glam, to soft and subtle. Simply let us know your goals and we will make it happen!
  • What if I don't typically wear makeup?
    That is no problem! We are happy to customize your makeup to be as soft and natural as you like and feel comfortable with. ​
  • Can you do makeup on anybody?
    YES! We specialize in ALL skin tones, textures and ages. Every artist on our team has a full range of colors suitable for every color skin tone and texture type.
  • Does your team specialize in curly and textured hair?
    YES! We can work with all hair types. We can perfect a clients natural curl pattern with smaller curling rods ect.
  • How do I prep my curly hair for my curly hairstyle?
    Come with your hair dry after using your favorite curl creams/ products. (Typically applied the night before or morning of if timeline allows for hair to dry in time) Allow curls to airdry or use curl diffuser as you would normally for your special routine.
  • I have curly hair and I want a style with a different texture:
    If a client has very tight curls and they want their hair to be designed with a different curl pattern than their natural hair (For example “soft curls”), please come with it blown out/straightened or the curl pattern almost 100% loosened. This applies for both updo’s and down styles. ​
  • When should I schedule my bridal preview hair and makeup trial run?
    We recommend doing your bridal preview trial about 1-3 months prior to the wedding and once you have all of your hair accessories, jewelry, and wedding theme really narrowed down the hair and makeup look you’d like. Also so that your hair is a similar length and color as the big day. We’ve found that when brides do their trial too early, many end up booking a second trial closer to the wedding once they have a better idea of exactly how they want to look on the big day. If you would really like to do a trial prior to booking, we can accommodate that, but many of our brides end up scheduling a second trial closer to the wedding. We welcome scheduling a bridal preview trial at anytime however, to our out of town Brides, and will do our best to fit them in when they are in town. Appointments are typically only scheduled Mon-Fri in our salon in Orlando and are by appointment only. We are usually booked weekends with weddings and events. Bridal previews are NOT added onto event contracts. They are a separate optional appointment.
  • Do I need to have a Hair and Makeup Bridal Preview / Trial run?
    Bridal Preview Trials are highly recommended to try out, customize, edit, and consult with your Wedding Day Artist for the best hair and makeup look that will look and feel flawless for you and your wedding day as well as to make sure you are comfortable with colors and styles chosen. Trials are at a discounted rate and normally scheduled during the week days in Orlando. Bring photos of Hair and Makeup designs that interest you. It is perfectly okay to forgo a trial run as well if you are unable to schedule or don't deem it necessary. Bridal preview hair & makeup trials are NOT added onto event contracts. They are a separate optional appointment.
  • What should I bring for my bridal preview hair and makeup trial run?
    -Hair and makeup inspiration photos -Hair accessories (you can purchase these from your favorite bridal store and even Amazon) -Hair padding / donut if you desire an updo. (These reduce the weight of an updo and allow the pins to hold better while reducing weight and tension on the scalp. You can purchase from our team or online) -Hair Extensions -extensions should be washed and fully dried (blow dried smooth) and brushed in advance. ( or Sallys if in a time cruch) -Bridal earrings -Wear white or similar shade to your dress if you can -Bring any specialized makeup products if you have allergies or super specific request. Hair Extensions: Wash, dry and brush (brush starting from the bottom to the top gently) your hair extensions before any scheduled appointment. This will ensure curl and style will hold all day and night.
  • Will the artist at my bridal preview hair and makeup trial run be the same as my artist on the event date?
    Yes! We schedule bridal preview trial runs with the artist that will be lead on the event date.
  • Can I schedule my bridal preview trial on a Weekend?
    No, we only offer bridal trials Mon-Fri as we are typically fully booked with weddings on the weekends.
  • Can I schedule my Bridal Preview Hair and Makeup Trial on the same day as my Engagement Photo Session?
    The purpose of a trial is to narrow down the exact look you’d like to wear on the wedding day, so that the wedding day goes smoothly. It is also beneficial to wear the look for several hours so that we can see if we need to make any edits for the wedding day, such as using extra hairspray, bobby pins, different makeup products, etc. If you will be wearing your hair and makeup the exact same at your engagement shoot as the wedding day, we’d be happy to schedule your trial for the engagement shoot date. If you will be wearing your hair and/or makeup differently at the engagement shoot versus the wedding day, we suggest booking a Special Occasion Hair & Makeup appointment with us for the day of your engagement shoot, and then a Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial on another day. Additionally, we reserve only 60 minutes for your Hair Trial and 60 minutes for your Makeup Trial. This is typically enough time to test and make slight edits to perfect one look. If you are interested in testing multiple looks, you may need to book two trials, which can be scheduled back to back.
  • Should I bring my best friend or family member to a bridal preview hair and makeup trial session?
    On your bridal preview appointment we highly recommend you come by yourself, since it is easier for you to figure out what you really want. Guidance from friends or family can be confusing and it takes longer time. We will make sure to take a lot of photos, so you can show to your close people and ask their advice. On wedding day, we can always make adjustments & edits to your makeup and hairstyle. Almost every bride has an element from the trial they want to alter on the big day.
  • 3D Hollywood Glam Waves - Prep and Information
    3D Hollywood Glam Wave services take a bit more time and preparation to achieve that flawless silky sculpted wave. We recommend that any client receiving this service schedule in advance (day before) a blow dry / smoothing treatment on the hair to remove any natural curl pattern, wave or texture. If your hair is naturally straight disregard this step. Hair extensions are usually needed to achieve and hold this style, unless the client has ALOT of natural length and volume. Hair extensions are always encouraged with this style. -Style typically takes 30-60 additional mins to style than standard/classic hair styles -Style requires 2-3x the amount of product of a standard/ classic hair style -Hair extensions please wash and blow dry smooth your hair extensions in advance to prepare for styling. ( -This styles is not a touchable style **NOTE If clients hair does not typically hold a curl, extensions will be vital for this style to hold and last.
  • I have sensitivities to makeup, will makeup cause a reaction?"
    All makeup products Laura Reynolds Artistry team members use are non comenogenic (non pore clogging) and hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause irritation). If you have an ingredient or product concern, please let us know when booking an appointment.
  • What is Airbrush Makeup?
    What is the difference? Unlike traditional makeup, airbrushing sprays a fine mist so the makeup blends evenly on the skin. Our foundations provide the flawless coverage of your preference (from sheer to full coverage) and minimizes skin imperfections. The result is a beautiful and natural finish. Airbrush formula is HD quality and very long lasting, up to 12 hours.
  • What is better Traditional or Airbrush Makeup?
    We recommend airbrush for the majority of our clients, as it is long wearing, lighter, and more natural feeling. Depending on the texture of the skin we can incorporate both traditional and airbrush. We are happy to use either traditional or airbrush makeup upon the clients request. Traditional foundations longevity is just as wonderful as airbrush foundation. Skin texture is the biggest deciding factor on what foundation type your artist will choose. All of the products in our kits are chosen and curated to preform best under all circumstances on film, photography, face to face, & to withstand the challenging weather of Florida.
  • What Hair and Makeup Products/Brands do you use?
    Products are chosen based on performance to ensure the highest quality in high definition film/photography and in person. All products are long wearing and durable and tested from years of experience. Makeup Brands/Products: Temptu, Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup By Mario, NARS Cosmetics, Fenty, Hourglass, MAC Cosmetics, Natasha Denona, KVD Vegan Beauty, Stilla, Laura Mercier, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Makeup Forever, RCMA, Bobbi Brown, Huda Beauty, One Sized, Viseart, Too Faced, Colour Pop, Cover Fx, Anastasia Beverlyhills, and more. Hair Tools/Brands: Moroccan Oil, Kenra, Paul Mitchel, Matrix , Redkin, Big Sexy, IGK, Rusk, Ion, Oribe, Bumble and Bumble, Hot Tools, BaByliss, Bio Ionic, T3, GHD, and more.
  • Will my Hair and Makeup last all day?
    Each person’s unique, natural, hair texture has an effect on how long their hairstyle will hold. If you are aware that your hair does not hold a curl well, please let your hair stylist know so that we can use a few of our tricks to get them to hold longer. Updos typically hold much longer than loose curls. We use Anti-Humidity hair products to help reduce frizz and maintain curls. We have many tricks that we use to prolong the wear of your hairstyle, and many of our clients say that their hairstyle looked amazing through the end of their night; it just depends on how hard you rock the dance floor at the reception! The Airbrush Makeup we use is a 16+ hour wear, transfer and water resistant. Your makeup will stay put all throughout your big day. Typically the only thing that you will need to touch up would be your lip color, due to all of the eating, drinking, and kissing you’ll be doing! Our Bridal Makeup applications include a lip color and touch up kit for you to keep for this purpose. Bridesmaids and Family would be advised to bring a lip color to touch up with. If you tend to be a heavy crier, a head-banger on the dance floor, would like to change up your hair and/or makeup look for the reception, or your wedding or photos will be outside during a very hot month and you’re worried about sweating alot, we’d recommend booking an All Day Touch Up Package so that you can have an artist on hand for touch-ups throughout the day.
  • Where do you recommend getting hair extensions? What kind?
    We HIGHLY recommend for the best clip in extensions! If you are in a time crunch, Sallys Beauty has a good selection and a sales associate can assist you in color matching. Best Choice 5 pack or 9 pack for maximum volume! - Clip ins are best
  • Do you provide hair extensions?
    No, we do not provide hair extensions. Clients will need to provide the extensions and bring them to any LRA appointment. We suggest using or Hair must be 100% human hair for us to work with it (style, heat, curl) Highly suggest purchasing a 9 pack for more volume. 5 Pack will also work but typically a 9 pack you get double the hair for paying a little extra. Once you purchase your extensions, wash, condition and blow dry them smooth before bringing them to your LRA appointment.
  • How do I prep my hair extensions?
    Wash, blow dry smooth, and brush (brush starting from the bottom to the top gently) your hair extensions before any scheduled appointment. This will ensure curl and style will hold all day and night. NOTE: Brand new hair extensions must be shampooed (2x is best, double wash) to remove any softening treatment / buildup from the factory. This will ensure curl and style will hold and keep.
  • What kind of hair extensions are best for bridal styling if I don't all ready have them permanently in my hair?
    Clip ins are the best choice! Halo's are okay but not preferred. We have the most creative flexibility with clip ins that have the clips pre-sewn onto the clip. Wash, blow dry smooth and brush (brush starting from the bottom to the top gently) your hair extensions before any scheduled appointment. This will ensure curl and style will hold all day and night.
  • Do you work with wigs / hair pieces?
    Yes! We have alot of experience with wigs and hair pieces. 100% natural hair is preferred as we can grantee we will be able to style with hot tools which will result in a long lasting style. Synthetic hair is more difficult to work with as it does not hold heat or curl the same as 100% natural hair piece. We are always happy to provide a heatless style if needed on more delicate wig / hair piece. We have experience and success styling both synthetic and natural wigs/ hair pieces.
  • Can Laura Reynolds Artistry stay for touch-ups and look changes for the bride and bridal parties?
    Yes we can stay for touch-ups and style changing for $150 per hour for bridal parties starting at the scheduled hair and makeup end time.
  • Do you offer Tattoo Coverup?
    We do offer tattoo cover ups, however depending on the size and if your hair or dress will touch it, we do have to warn that there is a chance that the makeup will transfer or rub off through dancing, hugging, etc. Our pricing for tattoo cover is based on the size (diameter of largest part). Our tattoo coverage prices start at $25. (Send us a photo and we can give an exact quote) Coverage is not recommended if the tattoo is located in a place that could potentially rub off onto your dress or other’s clothing. Very dark black lines may still show through some, and if the tattoo has a raised texture, the texture will also still be visible. We use our standard makeup for the cover-ups. We do not stock our kits with FX alcohol based special body makeup.
  • ​Where/ Who do you recommend for custom natural spray tans?
    (Organic/Vegan) Lisa with Southern Tan - (407) 906-8266
  • Do you offer mens grooming hair and makeup services?
    Yes, we do offer men’s grooming and/or complexion makeup services! The service includes complexion perfection, light concealer, airbrush or traditional makeup, and setting powder. This is a very light, natural looking makeup application. For hair this includes dry styling (minimal blow drying if required) This service does not include cutting or clipping. We HIGHLY recommend including a mens grooming service!
  • Do you offer hair & makeup for production, corporate events, live events, and headshots?"
    Yes! Please visit our commercial / production website
  • Do you offer makeup lessons?
    Yes we do! We offer custom makeup lessons. We teach you important techniques and skills needed to execute a flawless daily makeup routine. We will also go over techniques on how to elevate any look, turn your look from day to night. Things you will learn: -Basic Skin Care -Eye brow techniques -Eye makeup - Foundation -Contour / Highlight -Lips -Choosing colors that are custom and right for you
  • Do you offer hair and makeup for photoshoots, special occasions, birthdays, red carpet events, and for any occasion?
    Yes we do! We speicalize in event hair and makeup styling! We offer Hair and Makeup services for all occasions. We offer Day Rates for Photoshoots, Commercial, TV/Film work, etc. as well as A La Carte options. Contact us with your specific needs for rates. We also offer Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling lessons both one-on-one and in group settings.
  • Are the Artists at Laura Reynolds Artistry bilingual?
    Laura Reynolds Artistry does have artists who speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently. If required, please request these Artists when booking your appointment.
  • What is your event cancellation policy?
    Event cancellations may be made up to 90 days before the event date, without incurring any extra charges. Any and all retainers made to reserve the date are non-refundable and non-transferrable. In the event you decide to cancel your event within 89 days or less of the event date, 50% of the total cost of services within your service contract agreement is due upon notice of cancellation. This clause applies to the event cancellation in its entirety, and not individual services listed within the service contract agreement.
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