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Airbrushed Fairy Tale Makeup

We love airbrush makeup! And we don't mean love like, "Oh, yeah I totally LOVE that Mr. Rogers inspired sweater that Norma Jean bought me last year that is five sizes too big and just so happens to be in my donate pile right now." We mean LOVE as in "True love's kiss will break the spell, Disney fairytale inspired love story kind of love!" We're serious - it really is that amazing!

While Prince Charming may have rescued Cinderella from her horrible life living with her wicked stepmother, airbrush makeup will rescue any damsel in distress from uneven skin tone, blemishes and the risk of cakey foundation! Not only that but airbrush foundation goes on so light that our bride's rave about how they can barely feel it on! Let's also not forget how amazing your skin will look in your photos! You basically become an honorary Disney princess because of it!

Could it possibly get any better? Oh yes, darling friends, it can! Airbrush application has greater longevity than traditional makeup which ensures that your makeup will last through all of the happy tears, sweat from dancing and even hold up against the Florida humidity! We know, crazy right?! Other added benefits to using airbrush makeup include a greater range of colors to pair perfectly with each individual skin tone which gives a much more natural look. It doesn't leave a shine nor does it look flat and it can be applied in layers to provide however much coverage needed!

The moral of our story is that if you want to look like an absolute dream and have skin that looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale, look no further than airbrush makeup!

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