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Story Time: Our Brides Real Life Skin Care Transformation

After meeting one of our upcoming Brides for her makeup trial run through, her smooth flawless skin was so lovely and impressive that I kept complimenting her on it. Our Bride informed me that this had not always been the case with her face and told me the story of how her new skin care routine changed her face life! We thought all of our clients would be interested in her amazing transformation story as it is always #goals!

“ After going through months of sleepless nights with my new daughter and breastfeeding on demand, I felt and looked like crap. The place where you can see the affects of my new life as a mom was on my face. I had a dull looking face with bags under my eyes, and dark circles. At first I didn’t really care because I was too tired to worry about my appearance, but once I had to go back to work full time, I had to think of something to make me look alive again. Before my baby was born, I was one of those women who were lucky to get away with a bare face, no makeup. But, because I was looking so rough, I began to look up make up tutorials on youtube in order to teach myself how to apply it thinking that this was going to be the solution to my ugly face problem. When I started wearing makeup, I really fell in love with it. In fact, I was obsessed. I felt so pretty again, and it really did lift my level of confidence. However, after a few weeks of wearing it, I began to notice something I never noticed before, and that was my crepey under eyes and premature wrinkles! Wearing concealer made them visible to me because of the way the product settled on the skin. It looked horrible, and I felt self-conscious again.

So, I began researching again, but this time I looked for ways to help the appearance of my under eye, and my face all together. I learned more about actual SKIN care. I never really understood or wanted to understand the importance of having a good skin care routine. Maybe it’s because I was too lazy to add yet something else into my daily routine, or maybe because I have always looked younger than my age, so in reality I didn’t really think skin care would be needed until later on in life. Obviously, I was wrong, and the reality of its importance hit me hard once I saw those damn ugly premature wrinkles!

After a little research, I started taking skin care more serious and added just a few steps into my daily routine in order to help the overall appearance of my face. I wash my face every morning and every night, I apply a collagen oil lightly on my under eyes (which adds hydration and makes it look 10 times better) at night and an eye gel in the morning, I then use a few drops of vitamin C serum and a moisturizer on my face morning and night, and I spray my face with a hydrating mist morning and night. These few simple steps have helped my face so much. I realized that I have dry under eyes, and hydrating that area is what I needed in order to help it look smoother, and lighter. Keeping my face moisturized and hydrated has turned my face from dull, to bright (I have color on my face again), and little by little the bags under my eyes went away too.

I went from wearing makeup everyday, to wearing make up only on occasions or on the weekends because I don’t need it anymore. My face looks great, and it’s because I have kept up with my skin care. The most important thing about skin care is CONSISTENCY. I didn’t see results right way. It took a few months to see that my under eyes were no longer as crepey, and that when I applied concealer over top, it didn’t look gross anymore. But it has been worth it.” - Laura Reynolds Artistry Future Bride

We are always encouraging our clients to incorporate skin care into their everyday routine as it is LIFE CHANGING! Not only does it make makeup lay and look better but it is also the fountain of youth!

Photography by: Christy Marks Photography

Hair and Makeup: Laura Reynolds Artistry

Editorial Hair and Makeup in studio Photography

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