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Avoiding Hair & Makeup Nightmares

  1. Mismatched Foundation: Using the wrong foundation shade can lead to a noticeable line of demarcation, making your face look disconnected from your neck and body.

  2. Overly Glossy Skin: While a healthy glow is desirable, too much shine can make you appear sweaty or oily in photographs.

  3. Smudged Makeup: Using Non-Waterproof/longlasting products. Smudged eyeliner, mascara, or lipstick can happen easily, especially if there are tears of joy or if you touch your face throughout the day.

  4. Uncooperative Hair: Hair that doesn't hold its style can be frustrating. Whether it's due to weather conditions or insufficient styling products, it's essential to choose a hairstyle that can withstand the elements and have a stylist that is used to working in that weather climate.

  5. Allergic Reactions: Using unfamiliar or low-quality makeup products can lead to allergic reactions, redness, or irritation on your wedding day. Hypoallergenic products are a must!

  6. Uneven Eyebrows or Lip Liner: Unevenly drawn or overlined eyebrows and lips can create a less-than-desirable look.

  7. Out-of-Control Frizz: For brides with curly or frizzy hair, humidity can cause their hair to expand, leading to unexpected volume. Working with a hairstylist that uses the right hair products & can style natural curls is so important.

  8. Hair Accessories Mishaps: Hair accessories like veils or hairpins that come loose can disrupt your look, requiring last-minute adjustments.

  9. Lack of Color Depth: In photographs, makeup may appear less vibrant than it does in person. Makeup artists should account for this and use slightly bolder colors to ensure your features stand out.

  10. Inadequate Time Management: Running out of time for hair and makeup can be incredibly stressful. It's crucial to have a well-planned schedule to avoid rushing.

  11. Sudden Breakouts: Stress and pre-wedding jitters can sometimes lead to breakouts. Effective skincare leading up to the wedding can help prevent this.

To avoid these nightmares, it's essential to communicate openly with your hair and makeup artists, schedule trials in advance before your wedding day, make sure they use high-quality products, and create a timeline that allows for flexibility and touch-ups. Laura Reynolds Artistry has solutions for all of these nightmare scenarios and our brides don't have to worry about a thing!

At LRA, we're here to help you avoid any beauty mishaps and ensure your big day is nothing short of perfect. We take pride in our open communication with brides, making sure we understand your vision and preferences. Our team of professionals knows how to handle any hair or makeup challenge that may arise, and we only use top-quality products. You can trust us to create a stunning bridal look that's not only beautiful in person but also in photos. With LRA, you can relax and enjoy your special day, knowing you're in expert hands for a flawless bridal experience.


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