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Spring Makeup Trends!

In most States, the arrival of warmer weather is what indicates the arrival of Spring but here in Orlando, our weather is constantly fluctuating so we count on the arrival of Disney's Flower and Garden Festival instead! That happy day has arrived and the flowers are in bloom, the food is absolutely delicious and the Parks are starting to get crowded again so we can now say that Spring is officially here in Orlando! What better way to celebrate the arrival of such a beautiful season than to share this year's Spring makeup trends?! Get excited because they're bright, bold and beautiful, ladies!

Spring Eyes:

Bold colors are all the rage this Spring so, if you have been trying to decide when you'll ever use those blue, yellow or neon pink eyeshadow colors, now would be the perfect time to take those babies out! Those striking colors shouldn't just be reserved for eyeshadow alone, though! This year, bold eyeliner and mascara colors amkaere getting major love as well! Runways have already been using a lot of lime green or bold blue eyeliners this season and some are getting extra spicy with some hot pink mascara!

Not feeling quite so adventurous? Pair a neutral eyeshadow palette with a bold eyeliner and a classic mascara shade for a fun pop of color without overdoing it!

Spring Cheeks:

With the focus being on eyes and lips this season, cheeks are taking our favorite supporting actor role! Cheeks are either being brushed lightly with a subtle pink blush or gently bronzed to give the skin a natural glow rather than a bold highlight.

Spring Lips:

We're obsessed with the spring lip trends this year because it's either go big or stay comfy at home! This spring, opt for either a bold pink, coral or red lip OR stay neutral with a delicate pink tinted gloss! The tinted gloss will give your lips the perfect pop of color without going over the top!

We don't know about you all but spring is one of our favorite times of the year and we LOVE when all of the bright, bold colors get to come back out and play!

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