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All About Spray Tan's

Now that winter has finally arrived and we have all pulled out our cutest winter coats and boots, let's talk about how to keep that beautiful golden skin that you got while away on vacation this summer! Listen honey, just because you're spending way more time inside right now doesn't mean you have to actually LOOK like you are! No one wants to have to play a game of "Where's Waldo" with their photographs just to try and find themselves because they're blending in with the snow. Can we get an amen? Amen.

So, that being said, let's talk a little bit about spray tans!

Spray tans are the perfect way to achieve that beautiful golden glow without exposing yourself to UVA or UVB rays like you would at a tanning bed or by spending too much time outside. This prevention of UV exposure will also decrease your risk of skin cancer later on in life and also does not dry out your skin which are both huge wins in our book! And, not only are spray tans safer than tanning beds, they're also much more reliable at giving an even color throughout your body! The wonderful thing about spray tans is that you can continue building on each layer until you have reached your desired shade so it's easier to tailor to your own personal needs.

And if you have your honeymoon getaway planned for a tropical paradise and want to make sure that your body is looking extra sculpted for all of those photos that you and your love will be taking, honey, go get a spray tan! Or if you have boudoir photos coming up and you want to make sure your babe's jaw drops to the floor, go get a spray tan! Seriously.

You know how makeup artists can contour your face? Your spray tan professional can do the same for your body! If you go to the right professionals to get your tan, they can certainly help to make your body look in tip-top shape while also reducing the appearance of cellulite!

And even if you don't have a special event coming up, just go treat yourself. You deserve it!

Looking for a Central Florida local professional?

We highly recommend Lisa with Southern Tan!

Lisa uses an Organic vegan formula and can 100% customize your tan for any desired look.

We love her and trust her with our precious clients & Brides because Lisa is THE BEST!

"Southern Tan utilizes the most natural and organic ingredients, along with the highest quality DHA the active ingredient in our tanning solutions, to provide natural looking color. They will never know it's a spray tan. Never Orange, Sticky, or Streaky - No DHA Smell, just gorgeous natural color that develops and fades beautifully." - Lisa's Website

Reasons why Laura Reynolds Artistry LOVES Lisa with Southern Tan:

1. She will give you specific directions on how to prep your skin leading up to your tan and after.

2.She will check in with you after your tan to make sure you are 100% happy and do any touch ups if needed.

3. She is GOOD...really good. Everyone always looks incredible. She uses a hand held custom spray tanning machine.

4. She LISTENS to exactly what look you are wanting to achieve.

5. She customizes every tan for each person. Her attention to detail is phenomenal.

6. She is sweet and caring and genuine and you will feel comfortable in your birthday suite and not think a thing of it!

7. She can come to you! Lisa is fully mobile and can meet you and a bridal party on location.

8. She has a beautiful salon just outside of Downtown Orlando.

9. She is 100% reliable and will be there for you for your big day!

10. Her reviews are amazing and Laura has been personally spray tanning with her for over a year!

Lisa is lovely and we know you will love her!

We recommend scheduling a spray tan trial run if you are a custom spray tan first timer!

You can check out her reviews and contact info here:

Lisa Phone Call or TEXT to book: (407) 906-8266

Be sure to book Lisa as far in advance so you can guarantee her availability for you!

*NOTE: We are not sponsored or receive any freebies or kickbacks from referring Lisa. She is Literally the best and we want the best for YOU!


Laura Reynolds Artistry

Photography: PSJ Photography

Location: Black Dolphin Inn New Smyrna Beach

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