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Safety & Sanitation

Now more than ever it is imperative for the safety of clients and brides to only work with licensed cosmetologists and makeup artists. A major part of obtaining a license is the training and continued education in sanitation, disinfection and disease control required & regulated by the state board of cosmetology. 


All Laura Reynolds Artistry artists are licensed by the state & have completed Covid-19 certification courses. 


Our Sanitation Protocols & Procedures

* Sanitizing work station upon arrival

* Artist Hand washing & use of hand sanitizer upon arrival & between each client

* Requesting the washing / sanitizing clients hands 

* All artists wearing PPE masks/ face shields

* Use of Barbicide spray on all hair tools after each client

* Clean & sanitized brush sets for each clients makeup application

* Designated pouches for each clients brushes to avoid any cross contamination

* Use of single use disposable mascara wands, & lip wands

* Stainless steel spatulas for dispensing all cream & liquid products to be placed on  steel palette for artists to work off of

* Never double dipping into creams & liquids without sanitizing steel spatula

* Spraying all powder products after each client with 70% isopropyl alcohol

* Pencil products dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol & sharpened before each use

* Sanitizing & disinfecting hair & makeup kits and equipment after each job

* Salon station & chair barbicided and wiped down between each client

* Sanitation times: allowing 2-10 min for cleaning agents to fully activate & disinfect between clients.


How we clean our brushes: 

* Antibacterial soap & hot water 

* Brushes are sprayed after with 70% isopropyl alcohol

* On site brush cleaners: Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaners, MAC Cosmetics Brush Cleaner


Cleaning agents & disinfectants used by our team: 

* Barbicide formula: spray bottles, aerosol sprays, & wipes

* 70% isopropyl alcohol in spray bottles 

* C3 Cosmetology Complete care in spray bottles

* Beauty So Clean in spray bottles 

* Oster cosmetology disinfecting spray

* Antibacterial dish soap

* Lysol spray & wipes (cleaning surfaces and equipment)

* Bleach wipes (cleaning surfaces & equipment) 

* 99% Antibacterial hand sanitizers

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